Last Chance Arkansas

Who are we?

We are an all-volunteer 501-C3 organization dedicated to dog rescue “one dog at a time.” We have been in existence since 2000 and have rescued approximately 3200 dogs during that period.

What do we do?

We seek to match up dogs from local shelters with adoptive families. We have an affiliation with the Arkansas Department of Correction’s Paws in Prison program (PIP) and some of our dogs are adopted out to families through that partnership. Non-PIP dogs are adopted to local as well as out-of-state families.

How can you help?

In order to continue and possibly expand our work, you can

  1. Apply to adopt an LCA dog (see attached application)
  2. Volunteer to foster a dog until he/she is adopted
  3. Volunteer to transport a dog, e. g. to a nursing home, to an adoptive family
  4. Donate to LCA–donations support spay/neuter, routine and emergency vet care, and heartworm treatments.



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